nicholas Bailey


After several years of studying Engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nicholas changed course to follow his family’s footsteps in pursuing a fishing career in Port Rexton. Nicholas has experience in design and construction through the development of his own heat-efficient cabin. His interest in building continues as he intends to build his own house in Port Rexton. So far, this process has shown him the many barriers to living in the area. Nicholas’ background and experience sparked his interest to be a part of the housing solution with Otter Housing Association.

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Otter Housing Association

Our mandate is to promote access to green affordable housing through planning, development, construction and operation within Newfoundland and Labrador’s rural communities.

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    Call for Board Members

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    OHA is recruiting members to join our Board of Directors. All Directors should have the following: Share Your Interest By April 17, 2024 We ask all…

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    Community-Led Housing Fund

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    In January 2024, Otter Housing Association applied to the Community-Led Housing (CLH) Fund by Reclaim Community Collaborative Design Organization (CDO), a non-profit created to fill…

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    Lock and Key

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    In December 2023, The Independent released a limited series podcast about housing, and the stories behind closed doors. “Lock and Key” provides excellent insight on the…